Come the end of the year, most business owners don’t know where all their profits went. The accountant says you’ve made tons of money, but you don’t have any of that in your bank account. 96% of businesses FAIL in the first ten years and it’s mainly because they don’t have a clear picture of their finances and what to focus on. It’s scary! Not only are the owners’ livelihoods on the line, so are their employees. 

Honestly, there are a lot of terrible accountants out there. There are great ones too, but I can tell you that I have seen hundreds of businesses’ accounting records ranging in size from $100,000 to $200 million in revenue and about 90% are not accurate! In order to even prepare the tax return, several hours have to be spent correcting the books. This costed the client more and even worst, the owners had been making strategic decisions all year with incorrect information, which cost them additional profits. It’s terrifying and it’s just not right! On behalf of the accounting industry, I want to apologize if you have found yourself in this situation or have been unserved in a way that cost you stress, money, and quality time with those you love.

This is why I am committed to helping owners gain visibility into the financial health of their business without having to spend years trying to learn accounting. You need accurate financials, key insights, and proactive advice. It is my promise and commitment to provide that to you.

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