Our Approach

At Magnolia 313, we take a full picture approach. We don’t simply plug numbers and “do” the books. We start with the owner’s goals and ensure that each action taken within the business is in line with those life and career goals.

We work with a limited number of clients or what we call members, as to allow us the time to give the highest level of service. We believe you should only have to call one person to deal with all your financial questions. We may not know all the answers, but it’s our job to find out and report back, so you don’t have to call five different people or Google search for hours on end.

Our Story

Magnolia 313 was formed as a solution to one of the most common things that keeps business owners up at night. How am I doing?

The founder of Magnolia 313 has worked in private, as well as public accounting, serving clients in a wide variety of industries. However, the same problems seemed to persist across all industries.

The largest being that business owners didn’t have a solid grasp of how their company was doing financially. They could tell if business was going well or poorly, but most were missing huge opportunities, because they didn’t have the proper reporting.

Second, most business owners didn’t want to deal with the day to day financials anyway. They wanted to spend time doing what they do best, their passion and business.

Thirdly, it was difficult to find someone to do quality bookkeeping and accounting work and be a single point of contact for all financial questions. This led to multiple hours of lost time, having three different people working on different aspects of the financials, and again not having a clear idea of the financial performance of the company.

Magnolia 313 was created to be and is the solution.

Next Step:

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